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Science Fiction becoming reality again!

Posted by Iszi on March 10, 2007

Okay, call me slow but my brain just now made this connection. I just find it interesting that when we in the real world developed hand-held computers, the name that we gave them ended up being not too far from the name given to the fictional hand-held devices in the Star Trek universe.

PADDs – or Personal Access Display Devices – are rather proliferate in the Star Trek universe, particularly starting in STNG and carrying on through DS9 and Voyager. I haven’ t seen much of Enterprise myself, but I’m sure they put them in there too, even though TOS didn’t show many if any of these devices.

While – according to Wikipedia – the (primitive and not at all physically similar) origins of today’s handheld devices pre-date the modern form of the PADD, the particular term we use most often to refer to them wasn’t coined until several years after the PADD made its debut.

So, PDAs are yet another science fiction dream come into reality. Does anyone else find it interesting that we only needed to take one letter off from “PADD” and flip the last two, to get there? After all, stranger things have made their way into the real world from sci-fi, and I’m sure I don’t have to give references for those.


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