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The Road Won’t Know What Hit It

Posted by Iszi on February 13, 2007

Generally speaking, I enjoy driving. I enjoy it to the point that I will usually insist on driving whenever I go out with my friends, no matter whose idea it was to go where we’re going and no matter how far it is. That’s just the way I am.

I’m also a fast driver. I’m sitting on two speeding tickets right now, one for 80 MPH in a 65 zone (Actually clocked at 85, but I guess the trooper gave me a break for my first ticket.) and another for 77 in a 45. I’m not generally an agressive driver, and don’t typically pull any “stupid” or “crazy” maneuvers in traffic, but for some reason driving fast just feels natural to me and I can’t drive any other way. Really, I’ve tried. I’ve even gone to set the cruise control to “just” 5 or 10 over the limit on a 65 MPH highway and I still can’t contain myself. It’s kind of like when I climb stairs. With my long legs, taking them one at a time just doesn’t feel right – I’ve got to take them in doubles (or when I’m in a real hurry, triples).

Thirdly, I like my car to have a good bit of get-up-and-go. This of course, goes naturally with fast driving. Still, I don’t want my car to just be able to go fast. I want it to be able to get to fast in a hurry, without too much strain or complaint.

All that being said, the past few weeks have felt especially long. Since before the end of last month, my Mark VIII has been sitting in the driveway with a half-dead transmission. One day on the way to work, third and fourth gear just went out on me. The drive home was real great, watching the gauges to make sure the engine would survive the 30-mile trip in 2nd gear. (Through which I must say it performed rather admirably.) Since then however, it has stayed pretty much parked except for an occasional jog around the corner to the store.

To get to and from work, I’ve been either borrowing my step-dad’s Bonneville or catching a ride with a friend. While the Bonneville is equipped with a Supercharged V-6, the car (a ’94 I think) is beginning to show its age. So being that it’s my step-dad’s car, not only do I not want to get caught driving it as I normally would drive mine, but I also have to worry about whether or not it would survive my normal driving habits. The friend that’s been driving me also drives pretty fast, but it’s still not the same as being behind the wheel myself.

Finally, I’ve received news that my taxes have been submitted and should be direct-deposited with a week. The return is expected to be more than enough to cover for the transmission replacement, and also numerous repairs and upgrades that I had been planning to make to the Mark to begin with. Now the only problem is I just can’t wait.

Every day around this time, my foot just gets the itch to lay down some rubber and get to hauling some serious ass outta here. When the day finally comes that my Mark VIII is alive again (and kickin’ harder than it ever has!) you can be sure the road won’t know what hit it.


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