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Is this what depression feels like?

Posted by Iszi on August 31, 2007


I’ve never considered myself very much subject to my emotions, but that’s what I’m feeling these days and I feel like it’s holding me back from a lot. Is this what depression feels like? I don’t mean the usual “Oh, this and that happened to me, and I’m so sad.” type depression that we all go through from time to time. I mean like clinical depression. That kind of funk that you can’t explain, and yet you’re trapped inside and can’t seem to get out of it.

Part of a song that’s in my current CD lineup in my car, pretty much covers a lot of where I feel like I’m at right now.

“Still running uphill, swimming against the current. I wish I weren’t so fucked. Feels like I’m stuck, lost in a sea of mediocrity.”

– As I Am, by Dream Theater

I’ve gotta get out of this. I don’t know how, but it’s gotta happen.


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