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Ow, my head…

Posted by Iszi on August 30, 2007

I’ve come up with a new catch phrase today:

“Fecal Misalignment”

This is to describe an issue that is caused by someone (or to describe someone – usually someone other than the person using the term) who just doesn’t “have their shit straight”.

And today, I think my job title has been changed to “Fecal Re-Alignment Specialist”.  So, let that simmer a bit and you’ve got a good idea of how my day’s been.

There’s plenty more details that I could pour into what brought me to this, but I really don’t want to burn more brain cells trying to explain it right now.  This week *was* going great, but now Friday can’t come quickly enough.


One Response to “Ow, my head…”

  1. lna4va said

    Really has been too long since I visited your blog. Great new term! You are hilarious!

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