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God is Dragging Me Back…

Posted by Iszi on August 6, 2007

…kicking and screaming, no less!

Well, after months upon months of various vehicular and personal issues giving me excuse after excuse for avoiding church and all related functions, it seems I now have no choice but to return to where I probably should have been in the first place.

The vehicular issues are pretty much resolved 100% now.  After the death of Murphy, I was blessed with family-loaned resources towards the purchase of a new car, and came out with nothing less than my most recent “dream car” – a 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC.  The exterior isn’t quite the color I would have picked if I’d had a chance to be picky, but it’s growing on me quickly.  Very little work – if any – really needs to be done to the car, and it is in awesome shape for a vehicle of its age!   I could go on and on about this car, but I’ll try to leave that for another post.  I do promise I’ll be getting pictures up this time.

Another “excuse” that I was going to have – after the car – for not going to church would have been extra time needed out of my schedule for court-required community service.  Those keeping track of me here might recall that I was assigned 38 hours, to be completed for “any non-profit organization” within 60 days.  Well, for the first half of that period I wasn’t able to do much since I didn’t have a car.  That meant that by the time I did get my car, I had only a few weeks to complete part-time what amounts to a week’s worth of full-time work.  Further, my availability for such work is entirely outside of “banker’s hours” (plus travel time) due to my work schedule.  There’s only one non-profit organization I could think of that not only would be willing to work around my schedule, but also would have enough need for me to fill those requirements in such short time – my church.

The church I go to has a pretty active media department, which I had always been involved with to some degree or another when I was going there, and they have always been short on volunteers.  Also, I’d had brief involvement with the children’s ministry in the past, and even interviewed once for the facilities department when I was job-hunting awhile back.  So, with four services running on Sundays, and various nighttime services during the week, I knew there had to be some way I could put these hours in at the church.

And there has been.  Three of the Sunday services are covered by camera, for both recording and remote-viewing purposes.  Typically, when we were going regularly, my wife and I would maybe work cameras for one service and sit in on a second one.   Now, to cover my hours, I’m working a camera straight through all three covered services.  That takes care of 6 hours a week.  For the extra few hours that are needed, I’m assisting with recording for another media project on some weeknights.

So, where I had let myself grow distant from God and the church due to trials in my life, the same trials are now pushing me back to the church whether I like it or not.  I’m almost done with this bit of CS time, but I’ve likely got another assignment coming soon in order to dispose of the ticket I received from the accident that put Murphy out of commission for good.  It seems I’m stuck with this church for awhile now, and only God knows where that will lead.

I suppose I should just trust that this is for my own good, and really is something I should have been doing more of in the first place.   Funny thing is, I’ve literally asked for this.  In times when I became aware that my heart was growing cold and distant, I’ve told God “If you want me, you’ll have to make me come back” because I knew that I was in no state of mind to make the choice for myself.  So really, I should be glad my prayers are being answered.

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