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ZUJU Sounds Like A Cool Word…

Posted by Iszi on January 22, 2007

Okay, this is further proof that (caffeine == bad for brain cells)! The last four characters of one person’s alphanumeric ID number in our system are “ZUJU” and I couldn’t help but think when I saw that, “that looks like a cool word – gotta find some meaning for it”!

So, zuju – pronounced “z00-j00” – is my new favorite word. I’ve just gotta figure out what it’s supposed to mean now. Any ideas? It would be such a shame to see this cool sounding phonetic arrangement go to waste. Maybe I’ll give up on meaning and just make it my new screen name. Yeah, maybe…

Somebody help me, please!


4 Responses to “ZUJU Sounds Like A Cool Word…”

  1. lna4va said

    I love new words! I should be able to come up with something today. I had an expresso at home and a soy latte already today, its only noonish. I will think on it and get back to you.

  2. Iszi said

    That’s interesting. I was actually considering defining it as the feeling you get when you’re on a caffeine/energy supplement high. I don’t mean the usual high you might get off of one energy drink or something “small” like that, either. I’m talking about the total buzz you can get from drinking something along the lines of two Starbucks Doubleshots within 5 minutes of each other – or more.

    It’s pretty funny when I remember the day I did that. I asked a co-worker “Is it possible to overdose on caffeine?” and he came up with this:

    MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Caffeine overdose

    Some of the more amusing symptoms listed are “dizziness”, “In and out of consciousness”, and (my favorite) “hallucinations”. I haven’t quite gotten to any of those yet, but I think one more Doubleshot might have hit the “hallucinations” level that day. 😉

  3. lna4va said

    So then your closer to the “correct” definition. Possibly something like this-

    ZUJU: the euphoric feeling that one gets from over indulging in caffinated beverages. May be accompanied with vast amounts of energy causing the over indulged to either be extremely productive or to hallucinated that he/she is extremely productive. Either way the “Zuju” feels satisfied at his/her accomplishments.

    After I was done writing the definition. I didn’t like it. Still thinking. I must need more coffee.

  4. Iszi said

    Yes, to properly define “ZUJU” one must first achieve a state of ZUJU themselves.

    Also, the definition should be broadened to include other energy supplements. (i.e.: Ginseng, etc.)

    Off to a good start though. 🙂

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