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Brain Dump

Posted by Iszi on December 20, 2006

Right now (as has been the case often lately) my mind is a mess of disorganized random thoughts. Pardon while I dump. This probably won’t be the last time, either.

I know that I am bound.
Why can’t I be free from these chains I have found.
I don’t know what they really are, but only that they are there.

I’m constantly wandering, wondering.
Aimlessly, pointlessly.
Lamenting that which I don’t understand.
Treasuring that which I do.

There’s an answer within my reach.
It’s there, but I can’t see.
I’m grasping at thin air.
It taunts me, tormenting me with every unsuccessful strain I make to grasp it.

Two roads diverged, but this is no yellow wood.
I’ve looked down both as far as I could.
The darkness is foreboding and so I stay put.
I feel the ground shaking, collapsing underfoot.


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