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Unfinished Thoughts

Posted by Iszi on December 8, 2006

Talk about irony. I tried starting this post yesterday, and ended up closing the window later on in the day when I was doing something else, before I published it. *sigh*

So, I’ve got a few posts sitting in my blog that are invisible to everyone but me because they are not complete. They are my “Drafts”. These are posts that I started typing at some point or another, and never really finished. I either ran out of time to finish typing them, or ran out of energy to type with and saved them thinking “I’ll come back to this later”.

Probably more numerous are the posts that actually were published, but really never completed. They end in something like “More on this later” or something otherwise representing a free flow of thought coming to an abrupt halt. Again, I had a good thing going with a strong train of thought running out into cyberspace here and either ran out of time, or got otherwise distracted, and had to wrap it up much more quickly than I’d intended.

Even worse are the thoughts that never made it on here at all. Something that I think about during the day triggers my mind to say “I should blog about that!” but I’m either too busy or too distracted to do it then, and never get around to doing it later. There’s so many subjects that I probably would have loved to delve into that never got explored because they ended up like this.

All of this is starting to really frustrate me. What’s worse is that I often find I’ve lost the particular spark I once had for a subject, when I try to come back to complete it. The idea was good, and the subject very much interesting, but I just can’t seem to remember clearly enough where I was going with it or why to be able to finish it off.

Such is a graveyard of dreams. Ideas begun, but never finished. Optimistically, I’d like to say I’ll get to them some day – in fact, I’ve promised a few people I would on some – but realistically I doubt it. I really hope I do though. It’s been awhile since I’ve allowed my mind a chance to do some serious wandering on a subject, and I really do enjoy the times that it wanders.

I will say one of the more interesting – and potentially dangerous – things on my list of “Wanderings To Do” is the plot behind the movie “The Da Vinci Code”, which I recently saw on DVD. First, I’ll try to wrap up what loose ends I already have though.

– Iszi


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