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Just Shut Up

Posted by Iszi on October 5, 2006

Have you ever tried to advise or console someone, and only end up finding that your words are probably more counterproductive than anything? That happened to me today. A friend is being attacked right now by Satan, something that particularly pisses me off, and I wanted to express my shared feelings on a thought that she had expressed since it related quite much to what I am going through these days.

Part of the problem with that I guess is that I’m still in the middle of dealing with my own things, and so what came out was a half-formed thought. That one didn’t seem particularly good or bad on it’s own. In retrospect, maybe it wasn’t so great. But I know the latter half (which I also expressed when it hit me) was definitely on the negative side.

The saying goes, “Think before you speak.” What they forget to tell you is to finish thinking first.

Of course, then there’s times when – thought completed or not – it seems I should just plain shut up. I seem to have had an especially hard time with this lately as I have so much within me to express to some people but I don’t feel that the relationship or environment surrounding myself and them are particularly appropriate ones for me to express myself in. So, I usually end up rambling on about one thing or another trying to drive my mind away from what it is I want to say.

Boundaries are an interesting thing, I guess. We all have to live within and obey certain boundaries. If we don’t then there would be mass disorder in the world, and it would be a generally unpleasant place to live in. But sometimes boundaries can lead to too much confusion. Like, when someone has a thought or intention that may not be entirely (or at all) inappropriate or unethical, but steps outside the realm of conventional boundaries they are left dumbfounded with themselves in deciding what to do.

I think I’m rambling on again. This is another realm of fuzzy boundary, here. Of course, why should I expect anyone to understand me when I don’t even understand myself?

I’ll just shut up now. What was I talking about, anyway?


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