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Reformatting For A Living

Posted by Iszi on October 4, 2005

Very interesting, isn’t it?

No sooner do I make a post regarding my reformat woes at home, do I land a job where I have to reformat computers daily.

So, I’ve left the convenience store, and am now in a career that actually makes some use of my technical skills. Compared to some of the things I am capable of, this is still “Trained Monkey” work, but I am happy to finally be in a place where I can gain experiences that will point me in the right direction for the future.

As far as the work itself goes, the reformatting process has been greatly simplified. Various automated setup softwares have been put in place to make the required human interaction minimal. Meanwhile, the unattended process takes a good couple hours, so you can feasably handle several of these “migrations” at one time.

Right now, we’re only being put to work on one at a time, but I’m sure this is just warm-up. There will likely soon be a point when I may have too many laptops on the desk to have any room for my own workstation keyboard. (From which I am currently publishing my blog.)

The working hours are a bit of a shift to make as well. Having worked from 2200-0600 for the past two years, I have become quite unaccustomed to seeing so much daylight, or spending so much time awake when my wife is (or – slightly more difficult to adjust to – so much time asleep when she is). A real nice schedule benefit is that I finally have a job where weekends and holidays will actually make a difference on the work calendar, and I can actually have more time (and energy) to spend with my wife and daughter.

Also, my posts on here should be a bit more regular as the computer use regulations around here seem to be relatively lax. As long as I’m not doing anything illegal or inappropriate, or letting casual computer usage interfere with my work, it would appear that things like posting to my blog and checking my webmails is ok.

Anyway, I’d better go. I’ve written enough here. I’ll catch you up on some more stuff later.

Glad to be back,

– Iszi


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