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Posted by Iszi on September 30, 2005

Well, you would think that by now they might have developed software that could format a 40 GB hard drive in less time, eh? Nope. After I started the re-format, I went to take a bathroom break, stopped at the fridge on the way back for a swig of Juicy Juice (We keep it in there for my daughter, but I tend to mooch a bit for myself now and then.) and still the format was barely past 30%.

Guess I should be glad he doesn’t have one of those monster 200 GB drives or something. I might as well kill some time by checking to see if my favorite webcomics have updated. Links are at the left if you’d care to join me. Not that we’ll likely be doing it simultaneously or anything, but just for the fun of the thought, go ahead.


One Response to “Twiddle”

  1. Sony Pony said

    did check out the webcomics!

    btw, nice blog..

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