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Reformatting Bites

Posted by Iszi on September 30, 2005

Hey, it’s been awhile.

Sorry I haven’t written in a bit. I’ve just been tied up in this whole moving business. We’ve been living here a month and we’re still not nearly as settled in as we could be. But that’s another bunny trail.

Right now, I’m just sitting here waiting for a backup to finish on a friend’s computer that I’m working on, so I can reformat it. He was having some issues with his internet configurations which came down to turning up some nasty Operating System corruption, and the fact that he’s running his computer on way too little RAM doesn’t help anything either.

So, here I am just watching the files “fly” across the screen as they are transferred from his computer to a special folder on mine over the network. Then I get the joy of wiping that puppy clean, and re-installing Windoze XP, which is almost equally exciting.

Sounds bleak? Well, that’s just the mood I’m in right now. Sorry about that. The past few weeks, particularly at work, haven’t been the greatest. And this piece of beef stuck in my teeth isn’t putting me in any better mood. Be right back, after I get a toothpick.

There we go, much better. Now, in the good news department, it would appear that my life as a 3rd shift convenience store clerk is shortly to come to an end. Last week, a guy from some staffing company saw my resume online, and sent me an e-mail about a sub-contract position with a very large company doing some OS migrations. The contract would only garuntee me work until February, but I figure that’s plenty of time to work out any future details I need to worry about.

It’s funny how a computer will lie to you. It tells you that there’s 3 minutes remaining in an operation, then 3 minutes later it says 7 minutes. What’s up with that? Some MS geek’s sick idea of a joke?

Ah well, enough for this rant. Looks like we’re really almost done with the backup, so I’d better get back to it. Maybe I’ll write again during the setup.

Blog ya later,

– Iszi


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