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"Word Verification"

Posted by Iszi on August 27, 2005

Well, turns out I had some “comment spam” dropped in here in my absence. In one post, I had 3 comments from “Anonymous” users, advertising their blogs about weddings, women’s shoes, and gambling. Fortunately, Blogger has now implemented (and I have now activated) optional “word verification” for comment posts. This means that, whenever you want to post a comment here, you will be presented with a random set of letter images, which you will have to verify for your comment to be posted. This is much like the verification process used in many registration forms. While it adds an extra step to the comment-posting process, it does prevent some (possibly) less pleasurable sites from having a software program just drop a link to themselves in this blog.

Nothing else real important to say here. Just wanted to give you guys (and gals) the heads-up.

– Iszi


3 Responses to “"Word Verification"”

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