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Posted by Iszi on August 23, 2005

I’ve been told in the past that I tend to be a bit long-winded with posts such as the one below (just previous) this one. Yet, I personally almost never feel that I’ve completely expressed myself here. I always end up feeling like I’ve edited myself for length, like a director cuts a film sometimes.

I’d like some feedback on this. Although it won’t likely change anything (this is my blog, after all – if you don’t like it, you can leave. ;-)) but I am just curious to see what other bloggers think about this.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

– Iszi

P.S.: If you’re a Blogger member, please do login before posting a reply. I see a few fellow bloggers replying here, but leaving little if any way for me to contact them for a direct reply since they are posting “Anonymous”-ly. Thanks again in advance.


One Response to “Long-Winded?”

  1. butterflyuk said

    sometimes things you want to achive takes longer than you planned for but don’t give up, it will happen.

    Lot of people don’t favour reading long articles but I am just the same. I like to explain in full my thoughts and feelings so my writing and talking gets a bit long too. The ones who want to understand will read it. Those who don’t do not matter anyway.

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