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The Real Me

Posted by Iszi on August 21, 2005

Okay, I give up.

My last update to this blog is listed as sometime in June, on my Blogger dashboard, but the most recent post is over 6 months old. I could go into a long spiel about why this is, but I’ll leave that to your vivid imagination.

Meanwhile, I’m left wondering what I’m going to actually do with my little (idle) corner of the web here. And I’ve decided. I’m giving up. Not giving up on maintaining this blog, mind you. Just giving up on keeping up appearances. One thing that may have been holding me back here is that I just don’t have that great positive feeling these days, that I would like to have when I write this blog. So, I’m giving up on bothering with that “happy feeling” style of writing.

If I write now, it’s just going to be me talking in whatever mood I may be in, about whatever may come to my mind. Otherwise, this blog could go dead for another year or more. Who knows, it just might be anyways. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, in life news: I’m moving again. Okay, not really “again” to you, since I have lived in the same house for the duration of this blog so far, but this will be the (counting…) fifth time I’ve moved in my life, and the third time I’ve gone back to the particular house that I’m moving into – my mom’s house.

A lot of factors are contributing to this, but all you should be aware of right now (or rather, all I have energy left to mention) is that if I don’t blog much in the next week or so (as if it would be different from any other recent time period) it can particularly be attributed to the moving process.

Now, I must go. I’ve got a large mass of schtuff that’s been just sitting on my bed, keeping me awake (since I’ve been too lazy to deal with it) for the past four hours. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pull myself back up into writing more on this soon. I really do want to, I just seem to have a hard time getting myself to do it (like I’ve been having a hard time getting myself to clear off my bed for the past four hours so I can go to sleep).


– Iszi


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