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On-again, Off-again – My Bad Habit

Posted by Iszi on January 13, 2005

Greetings, Readers.

First, let me say to everyone: Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Okay, so that’s quite a bit belated, but there it is nonetheless. Next, let me apologize for my absence. Several factors fell into play in causing this, one of the least of which was a (much-needed) re-formatting of my computer, yet the most of which would be a bad habit of mine when it comes to most projects I undertake which require my regular attention. You see, I have this bad habit of going through an “on-again, off again” cycle with many things I involve myself in. Such things included, to one degree or another, have been: church, online games (fortunately freebies, not subscription-ware like UO or EQ), forum memberships, and – of course – my blogs.

For a few of these, the cycle isn’t such a bad thing to go through. For instance, leaving one game for another for awhile doesn’t hurt my life or personal development in the least. Taking a break from posting in a forum I frequent doesn’t hurt much aside from leaving some people that I’ve gotten to know there to wonder what’s going on in my life. For others, however, the cycle does have an adverse effect on my life, whether noticeable or not. For instance, when I go through an “off-again” phase with church, I do end up feeling slightly disconnected from my “family”, or feeling like I’m not doing as much as I should during times that I am usually helping out. “Off-again” phases with my Bible reading and prayer life (which typically have dominated my life, unfortunately still to this day) put a tight freeze on my spiritual growth, although the rest of my life seems to be running along reasonably fine. And this “off-again” phase with my blogs has left you all wondering what’s going on here (thanks for the e-mails, by the way) and also left me feeling like something’s just been missing here, yet I can’t return to it because there’s so much to catch up on.

So, here’s the deal now. From here on, I will do my best to keep my posting to a minimum frequency of once a week. For my regular readers (if I still have any of you left), I would appreciate if you could help keep me accountable for this. If there’s one week that I’m missing a post for, please e-mail me and just give me a little “tap on the shoulder” so to speak.

As for bringing things up to date here, I may or may not cover quite all the ground left open between my last post and this one. If I’m not mistaken, there’s still a draft of my election post lying around here somewhere, so I may finish that up or otherwise break the topics up into separate posts. I will also try to bring My World In Pictures up to date also, but that’s a LOT of pictures to sort through and upload, so that may take some time.

Thank you all for sticking with me through my absence, and thank you in advance for helping hold me to my commitments here.

– Iszi


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