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So Much To Blog…

Posted by Iszi on November 14, 2004

Greetings, Readers.

You know how the saying will end. I don’t have to tell you. Okay, so I will anyway. “So much to blog, so little time.” (…and energy) My schedule has been thrown left and right the past couple weeks with the return of my wife and daughter, and having to run up a couple states north for a weekend, and now I have a six-day work week ahead due to various complications that have plagued the store lately. More days at work means less energy at home, of course, and therefore less energy (or will) to blog.

Also, I’ve misplaced my notepad. So, for the sake of preservation, (and a little spoiler for y’allz) I’m going to jot down here a few things on my mental “To Blog” list. Some you may already know, but most I’m sure you’ll love speculating about. Since I’ve had much time now to mull some of these over, you’d better get ready to strap your seat belts on, because there will likely be long and bumpy rides ahead in some of these topics.

1.) My Take on the Election (in response to Debi’s post)

2.) Pro-Life vs. Pro-Death (or) What the Bible Says About the Death Penalty.

3.) Worhsipping With the Angels (or) My Vision of Heaven (I’m halfway-hoping to get a Sunday off to do this one. I really find myself in the mood to write it just after church, but with no time to do it and still be able to sleep before work.)

4.) The “Gay Issue” in America. (Probably going to be covered mostly in #1, but may make a separate post to further elaborate.)

The first one is going to be tough to get through. A *lot* of issues are going to be addressed, and probably still some more research is needed on my part. I may end up keeping it in the “Draft” stage for awhile, working on it as I get the chance. I’ll not just be addressing my opinion on the election in general, but also my thorough opinions on a majority of the issues regarding this year’s election.

The second will also probably take awhile, although not nearly as long as the first. It’s just going to take a bit of digging through The Word for awhile for the proper references.

The third topic, I’ll likely be able to do in one clean shot when I do write it, as most of it is coming straight from my soul, with little to no outside references required.

The last topic – as mentioned – will mostly be covered in my discussion of the election issues, but I may do some more Bible-digging to be able to cover it more thoroughly in a post of its own.

All topics mentioned here (as with all my posts) will be fully open for comment, question, or correction. If any comment comes up appearing as inflamatory, however, (which I trust it won’t, since you’re such a great group of people) I will delete it and re-direct correspondence on the topic to personal e-mail. (If I wish to continue it at all after that point.)

I just wanted to get this all up here so you know that I’m not entirely neglecting this blog. I do think of things to write about often, I just rarely get to writing them. Hopefully, I’ll be able to trim up this list soon.

Blog ya later.

– Iszi


One Response to “So Much To Blog…”

  1. butterflyuk said

    Hi Iszi, What’s the matter? Having problem with the PC or too busy at work? Hope you and the family are well.

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