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So Much To Blog…

Posted by Iszi on November 14, 2004

Greetings, Readers.

You know how the saying will end. I don’t have to tell you. Okay, so I will anyway. “So much to blog, so little time.” (…and energy) My schedule has been thrown left and right the past couple weeks with the return of my wife and daughter, and having to run up a couple states north for a weekend, and now I have a six-day work week ahead due to various complications that have plagued the store lately. More days at work means less energy at home, of course, and therefore less energy (or will) to blog.

Also, I’ve misplaced my notepad. So, for the sake of preservation, (and a little spoiler for y’allz) I’m going to jot down here a few things on my mental “To Blog” list. Some you may already know, but most I’m sure you’ll love speculating about. Since I’ve had much time now to mull some of these over, you’d better get ready to strap your seat belts on, because there will likely be long and bumpy rides ahead in some of these topics.

1.) My Take on the Election (in response to Debi’s post)

2.) Pro-Life vs. Pro-Death (or) What the Bible Says About the Death Penalty.

3.) Worhsipping With the Angels (or) My Vision of Heaven (I’m halfway-hoping to get a Sunday off to do this one. I really find myself in the mood to write it just after church, but with no time to do it and still be able to sleep before work.)

4.) The “Gay Issue” in America. (Probably going to be covered mostly in #1, but may make a separate post to further elaborate.)

The first one is going to be tough to get through. A *lot* of issues are going to be addressed, and probably still some more research is needed on my part. I may end up keeping it in the “Draft” stage for awhile, working on it as I get the chance. I’ll not just be addressing my opinion on the election in general, but also my thorough opinions on a majority of the issues regarding this year’s election.

The second will also probably take awhile, although not nearly as long as the first. It’s just going to take a bit of digging through The Word for awhile for the proper references.

The third topic, I’ll likely be able to do in one clean shot when I do write it, as most of it is coming straight from my soul, with little to no outside references required.

The last topic – as mentioned – will mostly be covered in my discussion of the election issues, but I may do some more Bible-digging to be able to cover it more thoroughly in a post of its own.

All topics mentioned here (as with all my posts) will be fully open for comment, question, or correction. If any comment comes up appearing as inflamatory, however, (which I trust it won’t, since you’re such a great group of people) I will delete it and re-direct correspondence on the topic to personal e-mail. (If I wish to continue it at all after that point.)

I just wanted to get this all up here so you know that I’m not entirely neglecting this blog. I do think of things to write about often, I just rarely get to writing them. Hopefully, I’ll be able to trim up this list soon.

Blog ya later.

– Iszi


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Posted by Iszi on November 10, 2004

Greetings, Readers.


Debi, I was going to reply to your comment in a post today, but Firefox crashed while I was trying to load a PDF file in another window in efforts to further research the topic. I had done much work already in writing the post, yet barely even scratched the surface of what I was wanting to say, and now have not the energy to return and do it all over again just now.

Hopefully tomorrow I will fare better. The thoughts should remain fresh enough, as many of them have been running through my mind for the past month, and still do even after the election. I typically prefer to keep my conversational topics steered away from politics, but I feel there’s a need for me to get some of this out this time.

So, until tomorrow…

Good Night.

– Iszi


Fixed the link, Debi. Sorry about that. See what I mean about this dawggone keyboard?

Anyway, I’m hoping to squeeze my post in tomorrow, or sometime over the weekend. Now, however, it’s bedtime. I’d only really logged on to check my e-mail and thought I’d swing by and fix this while it was in front of me. In short, the reason for that is primarily due to a prolonged night at work, but I’ll not go into it here now.

Blog ya later.

– Iszi

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I’m back again… -ish.

Posted by Iszi on November 9, 2004

Greetings, Readers.

Long time no see, eh? Almost two weeks now? I can explain.

First thing that threw me out of whack was the return of my wife and daughter. Of course, one might think it would make me so happy and I would just love to blog all about my feelings and how my wife and daughter had changed while they were gone. Part of the problem with that is so much has changed that I’ve just needed some of this time to adjust to it.

My wife has a new pair of glasses and new haircut now. A small thing by most measures, but a change that has so unexpectedly brought out more of her natural beauty to me upon her return. (either that, or maybe the 6 weeks of sexual deprivation has something to do with it – I guess I’ll never know for sure 😉 )

The really big change, however, has been with my daughter. She’s walking now! Everywhere! All the time! And she’s eating solids! I don’t mean baby-solids either, although she does have those from time to time still. I mean true solids. Just about anything we eat, chop it up into smaller pieces and she’ll have it. So, a lot of my time has been spent getting reacquainted with my “new” wife and daugther.

Sleep schedule also has a bit to do with it. I requested Saturday-Sunday off for the weekend that Jami and Tiffani-Anne came back, so that I could spend time with them right away. I had originally wanted to take a full week of vacation pay out of the bank, but we didn’t have enough people to be able to cover me. So, for Saturday and Sunday, I swapped over to a “day-dweller’s” schedule, to optimize my time available with my family. Then on Monday, I had to re-adjust so that I could work while still going to cell group that night. By Tuesday, I was so thrown off that I had to call off from The Living Room, in order to catch some extra Z’s and be able to work that night. So, none of that helped at all.

Then comes this weekend. I’ve been going along fine, since I got re-adjusted to my “usual” 3rd-shift schedule. But right before bedtime on Friday (about 1400) I got a call from my mom. I have grandparents in South Carolina, and my grandmother up there had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Since nobody was sure how things would turn out from this, Grandma wanted to make sure she got to see all the family as soon as she could. Mom couldn’t afford to take any extra time off, but she did have Sunday-Monday off on her regular schedule, so she made plans to drive up after work Saturday, stay all of Sunday, and drive back Monday afternoon.

I called my job to let them know the situation, and that I would need Saturday-Sunday-Monday off for the family emergency. No one there was happy about it at all. (My manager is still running with no days off most weeks, 12 hours a day, and would have to cover if no one else would, and she’d just had a new hire pull a no-call no-show on the shift that was running at the time I called. The third-shift worker that had to cover Saturday has kept a relatively consistent Friday-Saturday off schedule for the past 16 years, and always throws a fit when it is disrupted. The other lady that had to cover Monday (I had Sunday and Tuesday off on this week, oddly enough.) wasn’t happy due to her medical conditions which are supposed to limit her workload. (Monday nights are truck nights and she has a bad back.) The bottom line in the latter case was that my co-worker seemed to believe that I was lying just to get out of working a truck night. But I’ll not go further into that ugly bit of workplace politics right now.

So, I’ve spent half the weekend on the road, and the other half in South Carolina, seeing family I haven’t seen in over 5 years. Grandma seemed to be doing well enough Monday morning that the doctor was expecting to release her from the hospital today. I will be posting some pictures of the visit, along with more pictures from Jami and Tiffani-Anne’s stay in Illinois, later on as they come in and as time allows.

Another thing that has slightly hampered my drive to post is this keyboard situation. I’m still running off the old backup keyboard I dug out from the closet in the hall, and the “B” button and spacebar are pretty finicky to work with. Half the time, I have to double-tap the spacebar to get one space out of it, or smack the “B” key a few times to get it to punch something out. Also, the springs on this keyboard are more tense than most, making typing more arduous than usual. It actually disrupts the flow of my typing so much that I constantly am having to backspace over errors that typically I shouldn’t be making. So, I’m pretty sure I know where a small piece of my tax return will be going next year, if this isn’t fixed by then.

So, there you have it. A brief, and somewhat abridged, update on my life from the past two weeks. Also thanks to Butterfly for the e-card, reminding me that there are people watching me out here that do care.

Oh, I also read a good book by Kenneth E. Hagin, reccommended to me by my brother, while I was on the road. The book is called “The Believer’s Authority”. Paperback versions can be found for $5 or less, depending on where you look. It only took about an hour or two for me to get through it, but it holds powerful information on how Christians can (and should) take authority against the Devil, in ways that most don’t even realize are open to us! Maybe I’ll post more on that later, but for the time being, I have to go and eat the good food that my wife has prepared for our dinner, and then get ready to go to The Living Room, and work afterwards.

See y’allz later.

– Iszi

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