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No Trespassing

Posted by Iszi on October 1, 2004

Greetings, Readers.

Short one here. Just something that kind of popped in my head as I passed by a small body of water on my way home today. I’ve actually seen the phenomenon that brought forth this thought twice now, in two different locations.

So, someone please tell me, what does the Florida Department of Transportation want so badly that’s in retention ponds? Two times now, in two different places, I’ve ridden past these weird retention ponds. Both of them are fenced off, and on the fences are signs saying “NO TRESPASSING – DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION”. What’s up with that?

– Iszi


One Response to “No Trespassing”

  1. Rick said

    My guess would be to keep out the one or two lone knuckleheads who would actually jump in and/or to prevent a lawsuit in the event taht one or two of those clowns drowned. 🙂

    NIce to have discovered you blog!


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