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Posted by Iszi on September 23, 2004

Greetings, Readers.

Just thought I’d post about a game I’ve come across recently, that I’m now “flirting” with a bit, called Furcadia. It’s essentially a place that you can go to and let your imagination go. In a sense, it could be calld an MMORPG, but there’s no consistent plot in the world to play in. Basically, what it is is a world made up of several (somewhat) distinct areas where your character can go to interact with other characters, or to browse and enter into “dreams”.

Dreams are worlds within the world of Furcadia. Some of them (I’m guessing) were pre-designed with Furcadia, while the majority of them are user designed and uploaded. Inside these dreams, you can do just everything you could do in the outside world, but in a different environment. Some dreams are created specifically for some form of entertainment. (i.e.: Some are devoted to board games.) Some are created to be an open house to hang out in. Some will let you build your own house inside their lands. Many dreams are dedicated to role-playing, each with their own environment, theme, and rules. I’ve found dreams dedicated to Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of The Rings, for example. I even found one designed to be like Pokemon.

In most of the Furcadian world (Including any non-dream world, and most dream worlds) your character is displayed as a walking animal. There are Canine, Feline, Rodent, and Equine avatars, as well as a couple others. For a fee, you can even have wings, or be a Dragon, Gryphon, Eagle, or Phoenix. While most of these animals are naturally quadrupeds, in Furcadia they walk bipedal and are proportioned slightly more like humans.

There seems to be quite a few friendly people in Furcadia, as well as some not too pleasant. There’s actually a whole section of the world specifically for “R-Rated” dreams and interactions, but I have yet to have any mentionable problems with anyone outside this area.

So, feel free to come join me. Download and registration is on the web link above. A reccomended tool for this game is Furnarchy, which allows you to keep a buddy list of people you meet in Furcadia, (the game does not yet have this feature integrated) and also comes with some other useful tools. If you’re looking for me on there, my screen name is the same as here, “Iszi”. If you want to try to contact me when you log on, you can type “/Iszi ” to whisper to me if I’m on.

I might post a screenshot or two later on. Meanwhile come on out and have some fun.

– Iszi


2 Responses to “Furcadia”

  1. The Union said

    Keep dreaming inside the truth. The reality is what we have to avoid.

  2. jessica81221 said

    I also play this awesome game. If you want to contact me, whisper Lady Selena. Bye!

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