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First Post

Posted by Iszi on September 20, 2004


If you don’t know me, you might want to check out my other blog, My Thoughtspace, which is my general journal blog. If you know me from there, be prepared for a bit of a different blog. While I try to remain calm and thoughtful in my other blog, (which really is the way I prefer to be in general) this is going to be my venting zone. Bottom line: Welcome to my bitch session. Beware, it could get ugly here. There’s a lot a 3rd-shift convenience store clerk has to gripe about, and when you add life outside of work onto that, it can get even nastier.

So, this is the ugly side of me. Not much meant for anyone to really enjoy, just really for me to blow off a crapload of steam. If you want to read to maybe get to know me and my frustrations a little better, I welcome you to. But you have been warned now, and I won’t apologize when things get ugly here.

– Iszi


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