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Yeah, I’m Alive… Unngh!

Posted by Iszi on September 18, 2004

Greetings, Readers.

So much to write, so little energy. So, I guess that’s about all I’m going to get to say here. The week’s been long and trying, and now to end (if you consider Saturday/Sunday to be the weekend) it, I had to say goodbye to my wife and baby for a month or so. They’ve gone up north to visit my in-laws, while I stay home to keep making money. Meanwhile, since a.) She’s the one between us with the driver’s license, and b.) Our transmission just went out, most of my traveling to and fro has been done through leg-power. Either walking, or biking, with the occasional relief of a bus ride in between. It’s not like I’ve not been through this before, or never had to cover these distances in this manner before. It’s just been awhile. So all my muscles want to do now is grunt and stiffen up and never do another thing for the rest of the night… or week… or life. There’s a lot more that’s gone on that I’d like to cover. Also some psuedo-philosophical things I would like to ramble on about, but half of those have been forgotten in the time that it’s taken me to get to doing this, and the other half I just don’t have energy for. It’s time for sleep. Further proof of how tired I am, here. I’m too lazy to break this into paragraphs or care about whether or not it’s even remotely punctuated properly. Although I’m sure my punctuation has never been perfect to start with. Wait, that was just a fragmented sentence, wasn’t it? Ah, screw grammar, good night.

– Iszi


2 Responses to “Yeah, I’m Alive… Unngh!”

  1. butterflyuk said

    Oh there you are ! I wondered whether the hurricane damages were under control or not. You must have checked in your blog patrol some “oddball Opera user” had visited. Incidently why my patrol doesn’t tell me anything? As for walking or biking to work, it is good(depending on how far it is). I don’t do it much but would like to.

  2. Deborah said

    How awful that your wife and baby are gone for a month. Can you get time away from work to go join them a couple times, at least? Saying a prayer for your strength and wisdom.

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