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Another Month Gone

Posted by Iszi on September 4, 2004

Been just short of 3 months ago that I started this blog now, eh? Moves quick when you’re not paying as much attention as you orignally intended, I guess. This month also will mark my daughter’s first birthday (the 4th) and my wife’s and my first wedding anniversary (the 14th – really ought to find a freebie calendar to attach here, anyone know one?). Here’s sure proof that my daughter is a born-and-bred Floridian now: She’s to having her first birthday on the day of her second hurricane experience, with another hurricane still likely to come in a week or so. Not many out-of-staters could claim to that I bet.

There’s a good bit of stuff I’ve been itching to blog about off and on lately, but couldn’t get my lazy tail around to doing until now, and even now isn’t the greatest time considering I’ve just (a few hours ago – yeah, did the day shift like an idiot) gotten off work and have a likely-to-be very long day ahead of me thanks to a “gal” named Frances.

What I would like to get out here are a couple shouts to some blogs I recently started keeping up with, some of whose authors I’m in the process of getting to know. I’ll be adding these to the Links section soon, if they’re not already there:

The Crazy Woman and Heart, Soul, and Humor are both written by a nice Christian lady named Debi, whom I’ve gotten to know a little bit through her blog and a few e-mails back and forth. This is one of the first blogs I stumbled across in the Blogger Dashboard, and albeit I’m not typically one for political discussion (sorry Debi), it’s managed to keep my interest still.

Prison Pete is written by an anonymous Editor who relays the letters sent from his friend “Pete” who is currently in a medium-security Federal prison awaiting release sometime this month from punishment for an unspecified crime (the guy does have right to keep some things private) for which he possibly faces further time in a NY State prison upon release. For more specifics visit the link above, regarding the Editor, or just visit the blog link and dive right in. Pete’s really an intriguing person once you get to know him a bit (through his blog). Ran into this one when it became a “Blog of Note” on Blogger, and been keeping up with it since.

Being Jennifer Garrett is written by one of the editors at Blogger. (Yep, you guessed it, Jennifer Garrett.) Basically just her little dumpzone of thoughts on whatever suits her mind at the time. I don’t recall how I stumbled across this one, but it’s been pretty interesting to watch and you’ll find I’m even specifically mentioned in one of her posts! (Pays to “Do the Dew”, eh?)

Butterfly is written by a young lady who refers to herself simply as (what else) butterfly. Ran across her comments on another user’s blog I was surfing and started watching her blog probably a week ago. Whenever we get a chance to synch up online, I’ll probably be helping her learn a little bit (what little I know) about this thing we love to call “blogging”.

Semi_Automagic is written by an EMT/Embedded Systems Specialist who goes by the name of David. Just caught onto it while bouncing around the Blogger navbar, and (since he was online when I posted a comment to one of his entries) started chatting with him via e-mail last night. Seems like a pretty cool guy, and he linked back to me, so I’ll be returning the favor here.

Anyway, that’s all for now. By the way, I’m currently blogging from my mother’s house using my box with some spare peripherals dragged out from a box that was lying around. Originally just brought the tower for the sake of keeping it out of a house that probably wouldn’t be weathering the storm well, but then my brother said the word LAN Party and I couldn’t keep it unhooked for long from there.

So, see y’allz after the storm, then!

– Iszi

In the Valley of the Green Glass Doors, there are hurricanes but no thunderstorms or tornados.


2 Responses to “Another Month Gone”

  1. butterflyuk said

    Hi, Just stopped by to check if you and yours are well after listening to 11 pm news on hurricane Frances. Happy Birthday wish to your little daughter.

  2. Deborah said

    I will read all of these on your good recommendations. Maybe my political thoughts keep your interest because I make it personal….politics IS personal. By the way, I just linked to your blog. 🙂 Happy birthday to your daughter. Debi

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