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Rainbow-Dumping Koalas

Posted by Iszi on August 19, 2004

So… what if a koala bear really did crap a rainbow on my brain?

I mean, what would it feel like?

I think it would start with the fuzzy feeling of the koala’s bottom rubbing on my head, followed shortly by a warm mushiness as he starts about letting his business out in my hair.

Then, a slight tingling sensation as the colorful stuff passes through my skull.

Next, I imagine a veritable merry-go-round of images swirling in front of me as it all enters my consciousness.

I’ll find myself in another place, floating in the sky, chasing birds through clouds with the ground above me – not below.

At some point maybe I’ll come to rest on a mountaintop, to converse with a friendly goat about the weather.

Then, we would watch together as a thunderstorm brews in the distance, with beautiful flickerings and bolts of lightning streaking across the sky, and around our heads.

Suddenly, I feel the steady drizzle of rain running down my face, as if – anomalously – that is the only spot on earth being rained on.

I look up, and I see…

… Dangit, that koala’s really taking a piss!

This message brought to you by the Department of Random Thoughts.

– Iszi

In the Valley of the Green Glass Doors, there are Skittles, but no rainbows.


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