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God is Just AWESOME!

Posted by Iszi on August 11, 2004

Hallelujah, Readers!

This has just been an awesome night for me tonight. Of course, this was a Tuesday night, so I was at The Living Room not long ago. The really awesome part about it is who came to TLR tonight.

It’s this regular customer I have at work that I’ve been trying to get to come. His life right now is a total mess, and he needs to get it straightened out, but he has been very reluctant to accept any help in steering in the right direction. I’ve invited him several times before; every time he’s said he’d come, and every time he’d stood me up. This week, however, he came to me (mentioned it first) about TLR one night at work, and said he’d come along with his girlfriend and her sister. The time for TLR to start came, and he wasn’t there yet, so I kinda freaked out for a bit. Got a hold of him and found out he was just running behind. He stayed for the latter half of praise and worship, and about the first third of the sermon before he had to leave to take his girlfriend home, but he said he’d try to come again. No one, myself sometimes included, ever seriously expected him to walk through the door of that church no matter what he said. So, for me, finally seeing him there tonight, and hearing him say he’ll come again was just totally awesome. Praise God!

Gah… You ever have a fire lit up in you, and right in the middle of your burning it, someone tells you something or something happens that totally kills it, and you can’t get it back up? A friend of mine, who has not even been married to her husband for two years yet, told me about 2 minutes ago that she’s getting a divorce. I can only pray that God helps her through this, and that she knows she can seek forgiveness through Jesus Christ in the end.

Now, however, I am left with a lost fire. I might tap up something more later on on to post, but this is it for this one.

– Iszi

In the Valley of the Green Glass Doors, there is marriage but no divorce.


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