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Here Goes My Horn… *toot*

Posted by Iszi on July 1, 2004

Greetings, Readers

Just a few belated notes of minor interest:

The post before this one was number 10! Yeah, just a teeny little milestone, but I find it cause for minor celebration because I’m just that easily amused by some small things like that sometimes. So, there was post 10, woohoo! Also, it is probably my most openly introspective post yet, which I’m somewhat proud of. That, coupled with the few Bible-study posts before it shows that, while I am sometimes distracted, I’m still taking this in the direction I’d originally set out for it to go. I hope to see myself posting more like that in the future.

Also, an interesting thing happened to me Tuesday night, that I didn’t get around to mentioning in my post. After TLR that night, I got to go hang out with some of my friends from church. My wife had gone home, because she was starting to worry about the weather (typical Central Florida thunderstorm, more bark than bite), so I was catching a ride with one of the guys that I help out with set-up and tear-down for TLR. After a couple hours hanging out and enjoying good food, and good friends, at a local Cheesecake Factory, my ride had a couple hours scheduled in our church’s 24-7 Prayer room, and asked if anyone wanted to join him. I figured since I was getting a ride from him, and didn’t have much better to do with my time anyway (Midnight to 2 in the morning – like nothing for a full-time third shifter, right?), I’d go along. While in there, I looked around at some of the writings on the walls, and in the Prayer Journal. Then, one in particular caught my eye. A paper stuck to an obscure corner wall behind a light, quoted a Bible passage I recognized, but did not list its reference. After a moment, I realized “Hey, that’s in 1 Peter, Chapter 4!”. After a few minutes’ flipping through the Prayer Room’s Bible (Had a hard time finding 1 Peter to start with. – Really should work on that.) I found that that specific quote was Verse 8: “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” With this in mind, I found the closest marker (happened to be red), underlined the quote on the paper, and listed the verse to the side of it.

I just felt so proud of myself that I actually recognized and could identify a Bible verse that wasn’t John 3:16! Sure, it’s another really small thing to some, but it feels like a big accomplishment to me. I mean, you could come up to me and quote some scripture without saying what it was and I could probably tell you, “Yeah, I think I read that somewhere in the Bible.” or maybe if I’m lucky, “I think it’s somewhere in the Old (or New) Testament, maybe in (name of a book of the Bible).” And that would have to be something akin to Genesis 1:1, which I can definitely narrow to verse, or The Ten Commandments, which I could (up until yesterday, when I looked) only tell you are somewhere in Exodus. (Chapter 20, Verses 2-17 to be exact, now.) So, for me to recognize a reasonably un-famous Bible verse, and be able to narrow it down to the chapter, is kinda big. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Gives me another reason to keep reading.

Anyhow, that’s all I really wanted to say in this post. Hopefully this will make up for not having a real “Wednesday” post, or even one close to it (by the daydweller’s clock). Coming up next though is going to be my actual “Wednesday” post, since to me (who has not gone to sleep yet since Wednesday on the calendar) the day hasn’t changed over. Or maybe I’ll just let this be my Wednesday post and the next one be my Thursday post, we’ll have to see how the day goes.

– Iszi

Song of the moment: Steven Curtis Chapman – Live Out Loud


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