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Long Night Cut Short-ish.

Posted by Iszi on June 26, 2004

Good morning, Readers.

I hate Friday nights. Not only are they one of the busiest nights of the week, but they’re also the night I have an order to do that I just can never seem to have the time for. Compared to some, the order isn’t really that big, it’s just a matter of getting the time to do it between handling the constant flow of customers and getting the rest of the night’s work done. Tonight, however, that got cut short when I just about cut my finger short. While trying to cut the “flaps” off an open box, my box-cutter (fortunately with a *fresh* blade) slipped and sliced open, rather nicely, the middle finger on the hand that was holding the flap. (Fortunately my left hand, as I’m right-handed.) The cut wasn’t nearly as deep as it could have been, but still was deep enough that I didn’t want to chance damaging it more while I worked on it over the rest of the night, should I have tried to just get by with a simple band-aid. Not to mention it also bled like a stuck pig for a good 10 minutes. So, I called in my manager (although I honestly hated having to do so, as she’s been working 7-day weeks, 12+ hours a day for the past few weeks with no let-up) and got my wife out to run me to the hospital.

After about an hour or so, the doctor came in and cleaned me up, then put some “Derma-bond” on the wound to hold it shut and keep it covered. Essentially super-glue for the skin, apparently Derma-bond is being used more often than stitches on some lighter cuts and lacerations these days. Gotta love modern technology.

By the time I got back, my manager had gotten in and re-opened the store. She said for me to just take the rest of the shift off, and come back in the morning so she can (hopefully) go home early. So now, it’s nappy-time for me, until I go back to work. Maybe when I get back, I’ll get on long enough for another post before I go to sleep again, since “tomorrow” is Saturday and I’ll be needing the rest for Saturday night/Sunday morning.

So, until then, good night and God bless.

– Iszi


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