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No-Post Days

Posted by Iszi on June 21, 2004

Greetings, Readers.

First of all, happy belated Father’s Day to all those fathers and soon-to-be-fathers out there reading this. Hope it was a good one for you and your families.

Also slightly belated was a little realization I had yesterday: Sundays are probably going to be no-blog days, more often than not. As you may have already read in my previous post, my Sunday schedule goes straight from work, to church, to sleep, to work, with very little room for a buffer zone in between, whether I want it or not. So, I’ll not likely be putting in much if any blogging time on Sundays. The most I would expect to do could maybe be just a little “Hi, I’m still here, good night now.” note…

…Which is just about all I’m able to do today too, for that matter. Due to some individuals who had to miss work at my store today, one of which did not care to notify us of this coming, my 8-hour night turned into a 19-hour stretch of work. Monday nights are also the nights my Cell Group meets, so I’m actually posting from the house of one of the leaders in the group, as the meeting starts here in about an hour. Immediately after this, I’m headed home to crash for a garunteed 12 hours or more. Anyone wishing to wake me earlier will likely find themselves thoroughly maimed. 😉

So, with that I bid thee all adieu until tomorrow.

– Iszi


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